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History Heroes

History Heroes - A Race in Time

History Heroes - A Race in Time

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Race from the Pyramids to the Moon in our fantastically illustrated, fun & educational new board game! Answer facts about 120 amazing heroes from history as you travel through the Ages, complete optional objectives and race through time as Cleopatra, Shakespeare, Pocahontas, Einstein & other character tokens in a family board game of facts, tactics and fun! Let the race begin!

  • Multiple styles of gameplay and objectives!
  • Colour poster included
  • Players: 2 – 8
  • Great for all ages from 8 – 80+
Collect History Heroes cards as you go and move around the board by answering quiz questions to gather the ultimate world-leading crew to complete a secret objective. From Aristotle to Angelou, from Caesar to Columbus, A Race in Time takes you on a blast through history from the sand swept ancient Egyptian pyramids to the steam-powered locomotive. Can you assemble the best team to stop global warming? Solve world hunger? Win the Olympics? What happens when you put together Spartacus, Leonardo da Vinci and Frida Kahlo to produce the next entertainment blockbuster?

How to Play
Move along the board by guessing the correct History Hero from the facts read out. Event cards might help propel you forward …or they might stop you in your tracks!

Start with 5 History Heroes in your hand, pick up and discard more along the way. Reach the Finish first with the best 5 History Heroes in your hand to win the game. How will you know if YOU have the best 5 History Heroes at the end of the game? That’s for all players to decide and vote on: lay your cards on the table; put your tin helmets on; roll up your sleeves and let the battle of wits commence!

Great for all ages from 8 – 80+: the perfect, fun quiz game to battle against each other, enjoy together and all learn a little along the way.


  • 120 History Heroes cards and 840 facts to choose from
  • 120 Event cards
  • Colour poster of the 120 History Heroes
  • 8 playing pieces
  • Instructions and R
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